About the book

Expert Witness


Gail Theresa White grew up in the Jehovah’s Witness organization—a 4th generation, raising a child for the 5th in her family’s heritage. She is an Expert Witness. 

For a child in this organization, life is different than it is for most children. It can be difficult, but it is worth the struggle because of the promise of paradise earth one day. They are part of a chosen few. Outwardly, life was on the Witness track, but inwardly, Gail’s heart was filled with questions; questions that went beyond traditional challenges someone may have about their faith. 

So, when the most extreme judgment the elders can cast upon one of its members, disfellowshipping, was delivered to Gail as an adult, it was unnerving. She felt bewildered. Then she began to dig deeper.

Through the isolation of being shunned (which is what disfellowshipping does), Gail dealt with tough days filled with depression and uncertainty. She had few people to turn to, as a disfellowshipped person loses relationships with still active members, including family. No words can adequately describe what it is like to be on the losing side of this. Where is the grace and mercy? And for Gail, what could she do to prove herself worthy of being reinstated as a Jehovah’s Witness? The answers surfaced through a series of events leading to the truth: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, not an organization. Knowing this allowed her to heal and be free. Then her heart began to ache again, filled with compassion for those who didn’t have the opportunity to discover what she had. Not all disfellowshipping stories end with healing.

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"She expressed a simple truth... That disfellowshipping was not a form of love, it was abuse."